Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

    When I was going through one of my boxes of teacher treasures, I came across some Valentine's Day activities that I had and I figured I would do them with Lily before I tossed them out.

                                               SWEETHEART SIZE SORT

I had found these activities on the blog and I had been saving it .  Today was the day to break it out.  The object was for Lily to sort the hearts into columns that were labeled "small", "medium", and "big."  I cut up the hearts and Lily then sorted and glued them to the appropriate column.


Next was another activity from the 2 Teaching Mommies website.  This was a lot of fun and one that I had done before in my Kindergarten class.  We dumped a box of Sweethearts on the table and Lily went through the Sweethearts Observation sheet and did her first "Scientific Observation."  She used her five senses to observe the candy hearts. For sight, she colored in the hearts the same colors as the ones she saw from the box and she observed if they were big or small. For hearing, she listened to see if the candy hearts made a sound.  For smell, she discovered that candy hearts smell good not bad.  For touch, she told me that candy hearts were hard not soft. And finally for the sense of taste, Lily decided candy hearts were sweet not sour or salty.  After, she finished the observation activity, she graphed the hearts according to color and discovered which color heart had the most in her box, which colors tied, and which colors were the least represented in the box.

                                   MESSAGE FROM THE HEART GLYPH

                        Our next activity came from the Scholastic book, Great Glyphs: Holidays & Seasons.

Lily loved this activity because she loves for someone else to make her decisions. If you were to ask her which heart she would want to color , she would typically say you decide mom.  This way I asked her if Valentine's Day was her favorite holiday and her answer determined which heart she would color.  She said Valentine's Day was her favorite holiday, so Lily colored the heart with the squares and triangles border.

By looking at her glyph and looking at the key, you can see how she answered the questions.
Valentine's Day is her favorite holiday (square and triangles border around heart). She gave 20 cards out on VDay(her valentine was colored pink). Lily would rather give someone "hugs" ( something else) on Valentine's Day( the color of the eyes was brown).  She likes to wear red on Valentine's Day( closed mouth smile) and she enjoys delivering cards on Valentine's Day( she had more than 5 , but fewer than 10 letters in her mesage). If she was older I might have made her write her answers into a paragraph.

I did a glyph with Lily as well.  Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday ( circles and diamonds border).  I gave fewer than 10 cards (purple valentine).  I like to give flowers on Valentine's Day (green eyes).  I don't wear red on VDay (open mouth), I wear pink.

We will see what other fun treasures I find during the purging of my treasures.

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