Thursday, July 25, 2013

Money Subtraction

Lily loves playing dramatic play activities. And all I can say is even though at times there may be a little more prep work to get it started, especially when we played "Post Office," it sure beats playing Barbies any day!  Since Lily was born, I  have been receiving daily activities from a website called Productive Parenting.  I signed up to receive one new activity suggestion a day based on my child's birth date. I have a whole email folder filled with activity suggestions since she was a newborn.  I finally decided to peruse some of their suggestions and I found this idea of how to teach Lily about  real life subtraction by using real money and incorporating it into a real scenario. I started by collecting little toys and goodies around the house.  Then I made price tags for all of the items. 

I gave her 20 pennies and asked Lily to come into my store and choose a toy to "buy." She would pick a toy and I would ask her to count out how many pennies she owed me.  For example, if Lily chose to buy the microphone for 16 cents then she would need to count out 16 pennies for me. I then had her count the remaining pennies she had and then we would make an oral subtraction problem out of it. Lily had 20 pennies and she bought a microphone for 16 cents. How many pennies does she have left? 20-16 = 4.  Then I would ask Lily if there was enough money left to buy any of the remaining toys.  She had 4 cents left , so she purchased the spider ring for 3 cents. 4-3 =1. And then Lily spent her last penny on the bat ring. 1-1=0.  Once she ran out of money, it was Mom's turn to shop at the store.

Lily made sure that as we continued to play the game that we chose different objects to purchase.  She wasn't a fan of the fact that whenever we had 4 cents left we ended up always buying the spider and bat rings.

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