Friday, July 5, 2013

Water Painting

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and instead of joining the throngs of people at the local Sun and Sail Club, we decided to have some water fun of our own in the backyard.

A couple of months ago, I had come across this adorable ebook, Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack, that I had found on the Creative with Kids Blog.  I bought it back in May, but since Lily has been in Summer Camp for the past two weeks, I haven't had the chance to actually look at it and choose some activities for us to experiment with.  Isn't that the definition of my hoarding?  I keep things until I can actually find the time to look at them and then implement them which never seems to happen. Anyways, I decided to try out her "Water Painting" activity. We gathered some paintbrushes and a bucket from the garage. Lily and Ella had their own fun filling up the bucket with water and then I let them "paint" the backyard.

Lily painted her name and her sister's name and quickly watched how they disappeared in the heat.  I taught her the "fancy" word "evaporate." So there was even a little science built into this activity. We even played a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with the "paint."  Let me tell you water is so much less stressful to use for painting than the real thing!

And of course, eventually the "water painting" activity lead into imaginary play, where Lily decided we were all house painters and we had to paint the dust and spider webs away from her cottage.  Overall, this was a really fun activity that we will definitely break out again.  I plan on doing some more water theme activities from the Summer Pack and I will try to post how they turned out here.

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